Ribes Roges, Sant Cristòfol, Platja Sant Gervasi, Eixample de Mar

 Opening hours
From 1st of May until 15th of June:
Weekends and holidays from 9h to 14h and 16h to 20h.

From 16th of June until 15th of September:
Every day, including holidays from 9h to 14h and 16h to 21h.


Rest of the year free parking.


Passeig de Ribes Roges, Parc de Ribes Roges, Pujada del Far de Sant Cristòfol, Eugeni d’Ors, els tres Llampecs, platges de Sant Gervasi i de l’Aiguadolç, Any dels Negats i Pere Jacas.


0,50€ 18 minutes (minimum)
1,85€ 1 hour
3,70€ 2 hours
5,65€ 3 hours
6,35€ 5 hours
6,80€ 7 hours
7,30€ 9 hours (maximum)


 Reduced rate: For vehicle owners who pay the IVTM tax in Vilanova and are up to date with their tax payments.


 Reduced rate:
0,50€ 1 hour (minimum)
0,70€ 2 hours
1,00€ 3 hours
1,60€ 5 hours
2,20€ 7 hours
3,10€ 9 hours (maximum)
41,00€ Monthly

– Cancellation of charges for exceeding the time: 10,00 €
– Cancellation of charges for parking without a ticket: 10,00 €