Renting and leasing vehicles not registered in VNG

How much is the card worth?

85,00 € per year


How valid is the card?

Until december 31 of the current year.


Is the cost of the card proportional if it is not purchased for the whole year?



Who is entitled to obtain this card?

  • Individuals registered in Vilanova y la Geltrú.
  • Legal persons with tax domicile in Vilanova y la Geltrú.
  • Not having any debt, whether derived from public or private law income, pending with the city council.
  • Vehicles under renting, leasing or stable rental (annual) with a contract in the name of the applicant.


What documentation should be provided?

  • DNI, passport or NIE.
  • Circulation permit.
  • Technical sheet of the vehicle (in case of not having the definitive documentation, the provisional documentation of the General Directorate of Traffic must be attached).
  • In the case of vehicles in the name of the company where it provides its services or with which it maintains a commercial contract for the provision of services, if the applicant is self-employed, a current insurance policy must also be attached where the applicant appears as the usual or first driver driver or, if no one is listed, statement signed by the legal representative of the company where they provide their services, in which the attachment of the vehicle to their person is manifested; If this policy does not include the period of validity or the end date has been exceeded, the last bank receipt must also be provided.


What are the benefits of the reduced card?

Downtown areas:

Free parking in the blue zones of the city center between 9:00 and 9:30 and between 20:00 and 20:30.


Areas of the seafront:

– Enjoy a reduced rate on the seafront (Paseo de Ribes Roges, Paseo del Carmen, Paseo Marítimo, Dic de Ponent, pujada del far de Sant Cristòfol, calle de Eugeni d’Ors, calle dels Tres Llampecs, calle Pere Jacas and calle de l’any dels Negats), in the green area of ​​Ribes Roges and in the Prat de Vilanova.


Dissuasive parking:

– Parking for free in the blue zone dissuasive car parks of the Courts and Hospital de San Antoni, located in Ronda Ibérica, s/n, and in Carrer de la Masía d’en Cabanyes, s/n, respectively.

– Enjoy a reduced rate at the dissuasive car park on Avenida de Cubelles.


Common in all areas:

– Having this card (accreditation) entitles you to acquire a discounted parking card to park along the entire seafront.

– Acquire a wallet card at a cost of 10€, with a balance of 16€ in all blue areas.


Where can I process the card?

C/Havana, 20, ground flor
From 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

Plaza Charlie Rivel s/n
From Monday to Friday.
Mornings from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Afternoons from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m